The contract cleaners administration program

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The efficient management of periodic work is essential and this is easily facilitated in CONTROL

•   A workbill is an instruction to, say, a sub-contractor to carry out a cleaning item such as window cleaning or floor maintenance and can be scheduled and printed when required, fully detailed and automatically re-dated for the next clean. These can be printed in batches, for each of your sub-contractors or groups of your own staff, and the time required day-by-day is displayed, allowing you to reschedule work based on the number of staff you have available.

•   Workbills can be formatted in corporate sytel.

•   Health and Safety data and assesment reviews can be stored and printed.

•   Any item can have a workbill associated with it, so if your Customer requires you to provide ANY cleaning service at ANY frequency the system will produce the workbill automatically at the correct time.

A modular system enabling you to purchase just the parts you require
Add further elements later as you need them

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