The contract cleaners administration program

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Contract Cleaners can have a requirement to raise many hundreds of repetitive invoices in a month, at many different frequencies for example four weekly office cleaning, two monthly window cleaning, six monthly carpet cleaning. CONTROL automatically raises invoices, as they are due, irrespective of the frequency, and each of your contracts can have a thousand invoice lines assigned.


•   You can assign invoices to different 'runs', thus allowing you to separate say window cleaning invoices from office cleaning invoices.

•   Once the repetitive invoices have been dealt with you will always need to raise some single and one-off invoices, and possibly some credit notes.

•   All invoices may be printed, amended and reprinted as many times as necessary, until you are happy.

•   Settlement and trade discounts can be enabled.

•   Sales of Products and Consumables with multiple selling price options.

•   Standard documents incorporate your logo

•   Reprint of invoices.

•   Email invoices direct from CONTROL.

•   Data transfer option to Microsoft Word or Excel


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