The contract cleaners administration program

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Proper Sales Ledger management and Credit Control is essential and this is facilitated in CONTROL in a straight forward manner.

•   View the Customer record and you will see all currently outstanding items, aged in whatever way makes sense to you. You can instantly look back over their trading history, seeing every invoice sent out, every payment made, for as far back in time as you want. In addition to the name, address and contact details, fax and email details are maintained, allowing you to email and fax directly from the program, and as statements can be produced at anytime, this is another excellent way of keeping on top of credit control.

•   Entering the payments made by your Customers is very easy, allowing part payments, payments made by post or direct to your bank, and, in the worst case,

•   Allowing you to write-off bad debts and reclaim the VAT.

•   Reports are available showing all details, from aged reports for credit control purposes to reports showing how sales have changed over time, analysing what sales you make to your Customers, how sales change in different geographical regions, which salesman is performing best and so on.

•   A full sales daybook is maintained, to assist with VAT returns if you haven’t purchased the Nominal ledger (which prepares the VAT return automatically).

•   Data can be exported to Microsoft Word or Excel.

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