The contract cleaners administration program

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CONTROL enables you to manage employees, materials and work at your customer sites



Budgets can be set on all sites for:

•  The number of staff expected

•  The hours that should be worked

•  The wages that should be spent

•  The expected spending on materials

•  Employers NI on wages

•  Holiday pay

•  Ongoing SSP/SMP, etc.

•  Any bonuses or tax-free payments your employees may have

•  Transport and any other relevant costs

In addition

•   You may record details of the vacuum cleaners, floor machines and any other plant used on site

•   Specific site holiday pay calculation (particularly useful for schools and other contracts that are not serviced 52 weeks per year).

•   Details of Site manager and Supervisors.

•   Standard set up of Nominal ledger cost codes.

•   Data on customer site contract invoice requirements.

•   Production of reports detailing how much of your sales are spent in wages, materials, employer NI, holiday pay, plant, etc. etc. are a breeze.

•   Comparison can be made over any time period – show the costs for the last payroll, year-to-date, compare this year with last year, etc. and get true information. This could be for a single contract, a group of contracts or indeed for a manager’s list of contracts.

•   Reports are available detailing when increases should be negotiated, both on a normal inflationary basis and when the statutory Minimum Wage Rate increases. The latter report details the effect changes have had on your contracts.

•   Employee holidays can be booked in the future, so a very useful report shows the staff that will be absent from each contract, over a month or whatever period you require, so that you can easily plan holiday relief cover.

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